As an international reference company for the medical area, we offer an entire range of products to take care of all the needs of our customers and a precious support in the complex management of the hospital systems, providing the correct advices in the supply phase of the medical devices, following the after sales key phase and supporting our partners from the training to the daily management of all these advanced devices, always keeping innovating and conforming our wide know-how to the constantly changing and growing medical reality.

Our Solutions

Medical devices and hospital integrated solutions

The patient experience is highly substantial for the healthcare industry to measure their quantity of success. But the healthcare continuum is highly fragmented without the ability to scale, flexibility, data interoperability, and advanced care coordination systems. The solutions that enable health stakeholders to transform the user experience, financial performance, and workflow efficiency are the best answer to the question A multidisciplinary approach to the best care possible care delivery through cohesive service management and advanced delivery across healthcare sectors can make a difference. The patient’s needs, preferences, health outcomes, and participation are the cornerstone of an integrated healthcare system.

Sterilization and Infection Control

Infection Prevention and Control is a very high priority for all health care providers.With the growing threat posed by bacteria resistant to antibiotics, infection prevention and control is the responsibility of every health care worker. HMS Health has the experience, knowledge, and skills to assist organizations in meeting their corporate responsibilities for patient safety.An effective maintenance program is critical in making sure infection control equipment is always working properly.

Service, spare parts and consumables

We constantly follow our customers during the after sales phase, providing the required training, supporting them in the sensitive maintenance phase of the medical devices,In the future, medical devices may even provide information that could automatically drive adjustments to other medical devices, while driving out wasteful practices and ultimately giving clinicians the required clinical data to help them deliver quality patient care.In most hospitals, the barrier to this seemingly simple, yet extremely complex vision is that point-of-care devices are not designed to share this level of information. With vendor-specific interfaces and proprietary protocols.